From The Bossier City Police Department:


The Bossier City Police Department is partnering with the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission this month in an enforcement campaign aimed at saving the lives of pickup truck drivers and their passengers.

Additional officers will be on the streets taking part in Buckle Up In Your Truck which runs April 20 – April 26. During the campaign officers will primarily be looking out for drivers and passengers in pickup trucks who choose not to wear safety belts. Citations will be issued to those who do not comply with state law.

The enforcement effort is designed to convince pickup truck occupants to protect themselves from traffic injuries and death by wearing their safety belts regularly. Pickup truck drivers and passengers can often get a false sense of security because pickups are bigger and sit up higher than most vehicles on the road. For that reason many choose not to buckle up. But according to the National Highway Safety Administration, a substantial number of all deaths in pickups occur in rollover crashes.

Buckle Up In Your Truck is sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission. A grant from the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission will cover the cost of overtime for the additional patrols.