DOTD terminates Jimmie Davis Bridge contract


The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has determined that for reasons beyond the control of both DOTD and PCL Civil Constructors, Inc., the $23.4 million La. 511 Jimmie Davis Bridge rehabilitation project can’t be completed as originally contracted.

The contract has been terminated because of the inability to reach an agreement with the contractor on a plan or a price to address cliff swallows, a protected species of bird inhabiting the bridge.

“DOTD is diligently working on the next steps to move forward with this project, and it is important to note that the money allocated for this rehabilitation remains allocated to the La. 511 Jimmie Davis Bridge. While DOTD realizes the termination of the contract presents a delay of this project, it is imperative that the department act with the best interest of the state of Louisiana and its citizens in mind,” according to a press release sent Monday morning.

By taking advantage of man-made nesting sites, Cliff Swallows have expanded their range considerably, exploiting many new areas. Though they are difficult to survey, the general trend appears to be toward increased numbers and more widespread distribution throughout North America except in the Northeast, where numbers have declined significantly. They traditionally nested only in the cliffs on the Columbia Plateau, but now are found nesting under bridges and the eaves of buildings. They are extremely tolerant of disturbance and rarely abandon nests for this reason. …just fix the bridge….this is ridiculous …

Well now we know where our safety stands with DOTD.
They could have started back when it was cold and no birds. Oh wait that makes too much sense.

How about trying to fix the holes in the roads on East Texas and Barksdale and basically every other road in bossier. The only “good” roads are the ones in rich neighborhoods middle class and the “hoods” are awful. You can tell when you are driving into the ghetto because the roads turn to crap east 70th isn’t bad. Soon as you get on west 70th the road is tore to hell and back. Shreveport/Bossier needs to get their crap together.

Very interesting article. Now I’m worried if they remove the mud nests, the bridge will collapse for sure!! It may be the “glue” that’s holding it all together! ?