The Bossier Parish School Board will be adding new school buses to its fleet at a cost of $1.4 million.

The board has approved the purchase of two 2019 special education buses with air conditioning and twelve (12) 2019 retro-ed buses with air conditioning. They have also approved the purchase of twelve (12) A/C retro fit kits, 10 of which will go on the remaining 2011 school buses and two on 2009 special education buses.

These new retro-fit kits mean all 2009 and 2011 school buses will be air conditioned.

Col. Dave Hadden, Director of Transportation for Bossier Schools, said it’s crucial to obligate 2019 funds ($1,441,795.72) now in order to have the buses here by July 1 and ready to roll out Aug. 1.

Frank Kelly, Dist. 3 representative, explained the importance of this vote.

“The lead time for the manufacturer is 120 days,” Kelly said. “Since we do not have a [2019] budget approved, we need to obligate those funds on an exception basis. That’s why it takes a special motion of the board.”

Last year, Bossier Schools purchased two special education buses, 13 regular buses and two Dodge vehicles. Hadden said there are no buses coming out of the fleet this year, meaning they will not be replacing existing vehicles.

“In this case, we’re adding,” Hadden told the board. “We have a strategic plan to have a certain number of buses over 25 years and this sets us up for that plan.”

From Staff Reports