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10 years of helping body and soul


Bellaire Fitness Center celebrates a decade helping the south Bossier community

By John Paul Radcliffe, special to the Press-Tribune

The Bellaire Fitness Center opened up 10 years ago last June providing a home for not only the body but the soul.

The Fitness Center is an addition to South Bossier’s Bellaire Baptist Church, located 1.5 miles down the road, and is a fully functioning establishment with a weight room, track, basketball court, and cycling room. It also offers many programs including dance, martial arts, and yoga.

However, this establishment is open to all people, not just those who attend the Bellaire Baptist Church. In fact, according to Pastor Randy Harper, “Only 20 percent of those who attend the gym are members of Bellaire Baptist.”

Harper continues to say, “We have seen people who came to the gym and ended up at the church, but the focus of our establishment is the same as all other gyms: fitness first.”

Manager Robin Erler explains how to break down the religious barrier without pressuring and running off new clients. ‘

“Bringing attention to services provided in our initial gym tours allows us to bring awareness to the church,” she said. “We come across a lot of families in the military or just those who are new to the area, and a lot of those families are looking for a new church to call home.”

Religious services are sometimes hosted on the basketball courts, and can even be viewed from the walking track or general seating on the court.

More than just a gym, the Bellaire Fitness Center aims to be a community, as they draw near to almost 1,500 members consisting of families, singles, parents, and young adults alike.

Overall, the fitness center is very family friendly with occasional family nights and daily child care. Whether one is dropping off their kids for an hour or the whole day, Bellaire Fitness Center has it covered.

“Not every gym has a daycare, this is something that is unique to our gym,” said Erler. “We encourage socialization among the young children in our program, so that way they can not just see their friends at the daycare, but at church or throughout the town.”

Bellaire Fitness Center will continue to provide the same services it has provided for the past 10 years and has received much positive support from the community as they continue to expand their horizons, and become a universally well known, wholesome name.

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