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Bossier students return items to schools


May 18-20 has been designated by the district as days to return school resources and pick up student belongings. 

For everyone’s safety and in compliance with the governor’s orders, schools created a plan to minimize contact and ensure social distancing during this process.

“We miss our students so much. But we’re really looking forward to next year and all that it will brin,” said  Lisa Burns, W.T. Lewis Elementary Principal. “We’ve done a great job as a school family staying connected. And I feel like we will continue to do that during the summer. We’ve really shown what a family we are as a school. It’s the power of ‘We’ at W.T.”

Stations were set up along the bus ramp outside. Parents then simply pulled around in their car to the station and were greeted by school staff. Parents then advised staff of their child’s name and staff went and retrieved and delivered the students belongings. During that same time, parents then dropped off school assigned materials.

“We gathered everything that belongs to the student ahead of time so our teachers prepared bags for each student. We communicated to our parents through our app, through social media as well and through email to get the word out for all of our families that we were doing this today. We broke it up by grade levels and were doing it for three days so we have less people on campus. It creates a safer environment,” said Burns.

The following materials were returned:

Chromebooks, Library books, Textbooks and any other books, resources, or materials that belong to the school or the classroom teacher.

The following items that were picked up:

Remaining school supplies and personal belongings from the classroom and medications. 

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