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Bossier Parish recycling program picks up with new provider coming onboard

Bossier Parish Police Jury and Renewaste workers put the finishing touches on one of three new recycle bins. (Courtesy photo)

Bossier Parish’s recycling program is about to be re-energized now that negotiations with a new service provider have been completed.

Director of Purchasing Jim Firth said Renewaste Solutions will begin delivery Monday of four, eight-cubic yard dumpsters for paper and cardboard only. No plastic will be accepted currently due to a lack of market for that commodity.

Firth said plastic could be added as an acceptable recyclable in the future if the market demand is sufficient.

In addition to public access, the recycling program will be reinstituted within the parish courthouse, Firth said.

“We will reach out to all departments and provide the new process to separate paper and cardboard for the program,” he said. “If the program generates enough recyclable material we may consider installing a compactor.”

One area where recycling will be instituted could prove very beneficial to the parish.

“We’ll be working with the Sheriff to consolidate and recycle the cardboard from each of the department’s correctional facilities,” Firth explained. “Food deliveries for 1,400 inmates generate a substantial amount of cardboard.” 

Firth said he expected the recycling program to reduce the quantity of trash containers and/or the frequency in which they are picked up. 

“In either case, the cost reduction to the parish will be approximately $1,000 per month,” he said. 

Materials acceptable for the recycling program include newspaper, corrugated boxes, cardboard, magazines, office paper, telephone books, catalogs, packing paper, beverage boxes, tissue paper, and junk mail. 

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.