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A chef on a mission


Haughton-based cook seeking to start business with a heart

Janet Herb is a personal chef on a mission to serve others a tasty and healthy home cooked meal.

The Haughton resident is starting a new business venture that will allow her to plan and prepare food for people in their own homes that is ready to eat at their convenience. Whether it’s a single occupant, couple or family, Herb says there’s no excuse to not enjoy a comfort meal during life’s busiest moments.

“I can give you fresh, fabulous food ranging from home-style to international cuisine that will make your taste buds happy,” Herb said. “All you have to do is come home, pop it in the oven or microwave and enjoy a home cooked meal with your family.”

Haughton-based professional chef Janet Herb is on a mission to provide quality meals for people in their own homes.
Haughton-based professional chef Janet Herb is on a mission to provide quality meals for people in their own homes.

The way it works, Herb explained, is simple – she will meet with clients for a consultation and meal planning session. Then, Herb does all the shopping and prepares the meal or meals in the client’s home. She will leave instructions on how to properly reheat the meal and will even clean the kitchen before she leaves.

This new business venture began from her love of cooking and a little convincing from God. Ever since she learned how to make Jell-O at the age of four, Herb has enjoyed exploring the world of culinary arts.

“My mother said I could cook as soon as I learned to read. Lucky for me, I had older siblings and that happened quickly,” she said with a smile.

She’s lived all over the United States and internationally, including stops in Spain and Puerto Rico. Herb said she learned to speak the language in Spain from spending time in the market.

“I couldn’t speak the language, but everyone can communicate through food,” she said.

Now she’s living in Louisiana, which she called the “food capital of the world.” Herb enjoys cooking comfort food, but she also likes making dishes from the Mediterranean and Caribbean region. She’s even thinking about venturing into South African cuisine because of the immense flavor opportunities.

As a mother of four, Herb knows just how time consuming life can be and how expensive it is to feed a family on the go.

“I was a stay at home mom and I loved taking care of my kids,” she said. “God opened my eyes and showed me that I was good at taking care of other people.”

That’s why she’s putting her talents to use and offering an affordable, family-friendly alternative to restaurant eating.

“We couldn’t afford fast food so I made it at home and better because it was a homemade meal from scratch,” Herb said. “The idea of cooking for people now who really need it just clicked in my head. This is where the Lord wants me to be.”

Herb’s culinary specialties include homemade breads and custom dishes that meet dietary needs and restrictions. However, it’s the creativity of cooking that keeps her driven to try new things.

“Anyone can follow a recipe, but I like to see what I can add to make it different,” she said. “I like to cook with fresh ingredients and see just how much of the meal I can make from scratch.”

The value to this style of cooking, Herb added, is the ability to control what you eat.

“Prepackaged food has way too much sodium,” she continued. “Fresh ingredients are not only better for you, but they taste better. To know what your eating gives a certain peace of mind, especially for those with health or dietary restrictions.”

Herb has a food handler’s license for Louisiana as well as liability insurance. Charges for meals will be based on individual family and client needs.

For more information or to set up a consultation, contact Janet Herb at (318) 349-2541.

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