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A Message From Our Publisher

Our heartfelt prayers (and concern) are extended to all of those effected by the flooding of recent days (on both sides of the Red River). May God be with you all and help you in the days and months ahead as you sort through this awful mess. Our homes and possessions are vitally important to us all (of course) and anything that jeopardizes or places our possessions in peril (flooding, high winds, hail, tornados, etc.) is certainly a catastrophic event in our lives. However, human life is always the most important possession of all. This is something that we should all remember in times like these. As long as we still have our lives and God in our lives, everything is always going to be ok…no matter what!!!

Truly, we will all be dealing with this flood for quite some time. Though the flood waters have now leveled off and will soon begin to recede, in so many ways, the real struggles are just now beginning as the pieces start to be put back in place. For those who have property damage and other losses that can be attributed to this flood, you will suffer much more than those of us who are not in such a position. However, due to street closures (and the resulting traffic congestion), businesses and attractions that are closed, etc., all of us are dealing with this flood in one form or another.

During this time and in the months ahead, please let us all keep those displaced from either their homes and/or businesses close in our thoughts and prayers.

Randall E. Brown
Bossier Press Tribune

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