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The Bossier High School Alumni Association, joined by Superintendent D.C. Machen, presented a $1,200 check last week to Bossier High Principal David Thrash for the kick-off of “ACT: Attack and Conquer the Test.”

Bossier High kicks off Attack and Conquer the Test campaign

Bossier High kicked off its academic campaign to “ACT: Attack and Conquer the Test” with a $1,200 donation from the Bossier High School Alumni Association

The ACT campaign began last Monday and is a six-week school-wide effort that focuses daily on all aspects of the ACT; from test-taking tips and preparation to a review of skills. Louisiana law mandates that all juniors take the ACT, which will be given March 18 state-wide.

In addition, each junior is being paired with a campus mentor. However, every student at Bossier High will benefit by receiving 20 minutes of instructional time each day on various content applicable to the ACT.

The money given by the Bossier High Alumni Association will help purchase test-taking materials, calculators and workbooks as well as provide snacks and incentives to students. Each week, students who meet the criteria set will receive such prizes as candy or permission to wear jeans or sports jerseys on Friday. Teachers whose classes meet the week’s set benchmarks also benefit by earning passes for duty-free days and other perks.

Principal David Thrash said, “As a school we always want to do well and for our kids to do well. We want to draw focus on the test and give attention to those that do well.”

Bossier High Alumni Association President Carolyn Grimsley said the money to fund the ACT campaign was raised through past Spirit Hall of Fame ceremonies, along with donations from community members. She added today’s check presentation is the first of several things she and her fellow graduates have planned.

“We are counting down the next two years to our school’s 100-year anniversary. So stay tuned and get involved with us,” Grimsley said.

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