Election day is Saturday, October 24th and early voting begins on October 10th. When you go to vote, please think about the sovereignty of Louisiana when you vote for Attorney General.

POLITICAL experience does not qualify a person to be Attorney General for the State of Louisiana. This position requires solid legal experience. Think about what the Federal Government has tried to force upon our state. Think about the challenges to the existing laws in Louisiana. 

Defense of federal overreach requires legal prowess. After meeting Jeff Landry and hearing him speak twice, I have never heard or seen evidence that he possesses the legal experience needed to fulfill the requirements for Attorney General of Louisiana. 

Jeff Landry is a warm, friendly and personable POLITICIAN, for whom I would vote, should he run for a legislative office.

In today’s political climate, it is imperative that we elect the most experienced and qualified candidate for Attorney General. Jeff Landry is not that candidate. Please make the best choice for Louisiana.

Thank you,

Laura Adley

Haughton, LA


Bossier Republican Parish Executive Cmte-At Large

Republican State Central Cmte, Dist. 9C



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