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Airline Baptist tulip project brightens community

Airline Baptist Church member Dr. William Bailey started a beautification project at the church by planting tulip bulbs to spell out several messages.

Dr. William Bailey, M.D., member of Airline Baptist Church is behind a beautification project in Bossier City.

With help from members of his Sunday School class, the church planted 8,000 tulip bulbs across three different plots. The plots depict an Easter themed message of three crosses, the words “Jesus Saves” and the letters ABC which stand for Airline Baptist Church.

The planning for the beautification project began back in November when Bailey started drawing the plans for his tulip garden vision.

In December of 2013, the Sunday School group ordered 4,000 tulip bulbs and began to plant within the outlined plots. The team soon realized they needed additional bulbs to fulfil the vision. An order for 4,000 more bulbs were placed and planted to complete the project.

The project took assistance from 11 church members. Volunteers worked over a three-day period working at six hours a day to complete the planting. With the arrival of spring, the tulips have bloomed and showcase a beautiful landscape across the Airline Baptist Church campus.

Although the tulips are at their peak for only a few weeks during the spring, Bailey said the investment is worth it. He plans to continue the project in 2015 and add on to the 8,000 bulbs planted this year. Next year’s plans include the planting of 20,000 tulip bulbs.

Dr. Bailey began his fascination with tulips in 1971 during his trip to Amsterdam. Ever since then he has been gardening. In his recent retirement he has focused on planting daffodils and tulips in his personal garden. For more information, contact Dr. Bailey directly at wandvlovejesus@aol.com or 318-742-0291.

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