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Airline High honors veterans with special program

Airline High School. (Stacey Tinsley/Press-Tribune)

By Stacey Tinsley, stinsley@bossierpress.com

Airline High School students and faculty Thursday honored those who have and who are currently serving the country with a very special Veterans Day assembly.

Students and faculty had the honor of hearing from Airline High teacher Chief MSgt. Scott Parson, retired, about sacrifice.

“During my 26 years of service, I learned a lot about sacrifice. People work long hours, they’re away from home a lot.  They miss their families. Everyone knows that, but here’s what I really learned about military sacrifice — spouses and children sacrifice just as much as the veteran,” said Parson.

Parson closed his speech by noting statistics of Airline High Schools students whose parents are in the military and what those students bring to the community.

According to Parson, Airline has over 200 students with military parents.

“Did you know that there are about 1.85 million school-age children whose parents serve in the military? Many of these students go to school here, with you. Most of them have similar stories: They move, they settle in, they make a huge impact, then their parents’ service takes them to a new location to start over.  Sometimes I think it’s not fair.  But then, I think of what they bring to each and every school at their parents’ new duty locations. They bring tenacity, they bring pride, and they bring academic performance. They’re student mentors, they’re athletes… They’re so resilient and tough to be so young,” said Parson.

Airline High Principal Jason Rowland reminded his students in a closing speech that because of our veterans and active military’s sacrifice, they have the opportunity to honor all who have served.

“The opportunity that we have today to even honor our veterans is because of people that have sacrificed and have served to give you the freedom to be able to do that. You live in a place today that allows you the very freedom to honor those who have served and who are serving,” Rowland said.

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