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All because of a cupcake

Bossier City girl looking for help to start mentoring foundation


Sydney Bonner



A cupcake is like a woman — the frosting is what everyone sees while the cake is the real definition of what makes someone who she is.

“My cake is beautiful,” said Annie Wilson, 20, of Bossier City.

Unlike most girls her age, Annie has a dream to start a foundation that will uplift women who have fallen on hard times. From relationship issues to drug addiction.

“My foundation will be called the CupCake Foundation because there is more to a woman than what you see.” Annie said. “I want to give every woman a second chance at being beautiful.”

About three years ago, Annie began to form the pieces of the foundation in her mind as she fought through all the struggles in her own life. Growing up with drug addicted parents, being homeless, losing a son at the age of 16, and facing rehab all before she left teenage behind had placed many burdens in her heart.

That is why she sought to create something that could comfort women, like her, who had endured so many tragedies in their lifetime.

“This is a sisterhood — a girls scouts for all ages.” Annie said. “You can be 99, 10, any age. I don’t want people to think that they have to have issues in their lives to be a part of this organization. I do want to focus on the younger generations, but I’d like mothers to be a part of the group as well.”

This organization will be started from scratch. Annie is currently networking for forming the foundation in her downtime in between working two jobs and supporting herself.

With a set location, motivational speakers, a small core team of diverse women and by God’s faith, Annie feels that anything is possible. She is open minded to finding women with different talents to offer to the foundation such as creativity and an open heart for others.

“The CupCake Foundation is a little bit about everything.” Annie said. “It is about love — you have to love yourself before you love anyone else. I would like these women to feel that they can look past these events in their lives to build self confidence.”

Beyond her struggles, Annie doesn’t struggle for motivation. Without the love and support of her grandmother and her father, she would not be where she is today.

“I’m behind her 100 percent. I want her to learn from my mistakes and take all the knowledge she can to survive in this world.” said Leeauthor Robinson, 52, father of Annie. “Annie always had bright ideas and wanted to help other people, even if it was just one person.”

Even five years down the road, Annie has a vision of her and the members of her foundation sitting on a bright spring day outside, painting together — focusing on the fun instead of the pain that has influenced their lives so heavily.

Annie dreams about the group participating in fundraisers, study hall, food drives, annual balls, even taking a trip to her old neighborhood and replacing the old homes with new ones.

In her mind, Annie can picture headquarters all over the country, maybe even internationally for the CupCake Foundation years from now.

“My approach is having a bigger perception of life,” she said.

But there will always be a base right here, in the heart of Bossier City, where she has spent her whole life.

“When I ride the city bus and I see the things like I do, it makes me want to help my community.” Annie said. “Since I will be the founder of the organization I will be responsible for everything. I just want to do so much.”

“I want to make my community beautiful.”

To contribute to Annie’s dream, contact her at anniewilson44@yahoo.com or 318-200-3921.

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  1. I knew you had it in you girl. My prayers going up for you and your dreams. Good luck

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