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All-District 1-3A football team

Note: The All-District 1-3A team was selected by the district’s coaches. Some first names and heights and weights were unavailable.



QB — Connor Curry, Evangel, 6-1, 165, So.; Jaylon Carey, Green Oaks, 6-0, 205, Jr. RB — Ontario Collins, BTW, 5-9, 175, Sr.; JaMarquez Mims, Evangel, 5-9, 195, So; Devin White, North Webster, 6-1, 240, Jr. TE — M. Alexander, BTW, 6-2, 225, Sr. WR — D. Washington, BTW, 6-3, 210, Sr.; Mac Meyer, Evangel, 5 -11, 180, Sr.; Jones, Mansfield. C — Houston Meller, Evangel, 6-1, 233, Sr. G — Jerry Tillery, Evangel, 6-7, 315, Sr.; D. Lay, North Webster, 5-10, 310, Jr. T — Preston Cole, Evangel, 5-11, 230, Sr.; Treyvon Luckey, Green Oaks, 6-0, 275, Sr.; C. Alexander, North Webster, 5-10, 300, Sr. K — Hunter Creasy, Evangel, 6-1, 211, Sr.; C. McMullin, North Webster, 5-9, 170, Jr. P — Matthew Guth, Evangel, 6-0, 145, Sr. ATH — L. Gibson, North Webster, Sr.


DL — Ti’Yarre Reed, Evangel, 6-0, 225, Sr.; Jerry Tillery, Evangel, 6-7, 315, Sr.; Treyvon Luckey, Green Oaks, 6-0, 275, Sr.; R. Gonzalez, North Webster, 6-2, 210, So. LB — Kortrell Williams, Evangel, 5-9, 190, Sr.; Sandy Smith, Green Oaks, 6-2, 195, Sr.; M. Morse, North Webster, 5-8, 195, Sr.; K. Gibson, North Webster, 6-3, 210, Sr. SS — Austin Stegall, Evangel, 5-9, 170, Sr.; R. Washington, North Webster, 6-3, 215, Sr. DB — Trent Jackson, Evangel, 6-1 175, Sr.; Tristain Robinson, Green Oaks, 5-8, 155, Jr.; J. Miles, North Webster, 6-0, 190, Sr.; D. Gilbert, North Webster, 6-3, 200, Sr. KR — J. Miles, North Webster, 6-0, 190, Sr.

OFFENSIVE MVP — Devin White, North Webster
DEFENSIVE MVP — Jerry Tillery, Evangel



QB — Joshua Horton, BTW, Sr. RB — J. Smith, N. Webster, Jr. TE — Brandon Simpson, Bossier, Sr.; W. Lee, North Webster, Sr. WR — Raylin James, BTW, So.; Dameron Harris, BTW, Sr.; Corey Henderson, Evangel, Jr.; Deaontea Crawford, Green Oaks, Jr. C — Christian Hall, Green Oaks, Jr. G — Reddit, Mansfield. T — Joshua Williams, BTW, Sr.; C. Boyett, North Webster, Sr. P — Ralhielle Johnson, Green Oaks, Sr. ATH — Ralphielle Johnson, Green Oaks, Sr.; Henderson, Evangel.


DL — M. Alexander, BTW, Sr.; D. Washington, BTW, Sr.; Kelvin McNiel, Evangel, Sr.; Youngblood, Mansfield. LB — Isaiah McKinsey, Bossier, Sr.; Jaylun Jackson, BTW, So.; A.C. Gilliam, Evangel, Jr.; Woodley, Mansfield. SS — Joshua Horton, BTW, Sr.; David Taylor, Green Oaks, Sr.; Robertson, Mansfield. DB — Tre’Shawn Hill, BTW, So.; Zaccheaus O’Neal, BTW, Jr.; Antonio Ward, BTW, So.; Orlando Puryear, Evangel, So.; Chris Britton, Green Oaks, Sr. KR — Wilson, Mansfield.


TE — Tanner Ash, Evangel; Shannon Gilliam, Green Oaks. C — LaDarrius Cooksey, BTW, T. Thomas, North Webster. T — Daniel Smith, Evangel. P — Joshua Horton, BTW; C. McMallin, North Webster. DL — Cooper, Mansfield; Kentravious James, Green Oaks. LB — Ontario Collins, BTW. DB — CK Pugh, North Webster.

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