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All-District 1, Division I boys soccer team


NOTE: The All-District I, Division I boys soccer team was selected by the district’s coaches.


Keeper — Peyton Simons, Caddo Magnet. Defenders — Mang Tung, Airline; Carson Jones, Byrd; Jacob Gill, Caddo Magnet; Jacson O’Brien, Pineville; Kaden Brandon, West Monroe. Forwards/Midfielders — Gin Pau, Airline; Sammy Miletello, Byrd; Angel Abrego, Byrd; Ali Ibrahim, Caddo Magnet; Jordan Hooks, Caddo Magnet; Amir Shalabi, Natchitoches Central; Kenneth Clear, Pineville; Andy Montez, West Monroe

OVERALL MVP — Gabe Rodriguez, Airline
OFFENSIVE MVP — Alex Witt, Caddo Magnet
DEFENSIVE MVP — Troy Boles, Byrd
COACH OF THE YEAR — Nick Flowers, Caddo Magnet


Keeper — Tristen Boyce, West Monroe. Defenders — Chayton Ward, Airline; Austin Floyd, Airline; Eric Mundy, Airline; Hank Elmajian, Byrd; Gage Gonzalez, Caddo Magnet; Cameron Wallace, Caddo Magnet; Aaron Holmes, West Monroe. Forwards/Midfielders — Keaton Love, Airline; Khan Nang, Airline; Ben Smith, Byrd; Ethan Patton, Byrd; David Lopez, Caddo Magnet; Abdul Ibrahim, Caddo Magnet; Ian Alexander, West Monroe


Keepers — Anderson Roblow, Byrd; Scott McConnell, Pineville; Charles Clark, Southwood. Defenders — Nick Whitton, Byrd; Pedro Simonici, Byrd; Dylan Varnell, Byrd; Mason Varnell, Byrd; Jack Rossi, Caddo Magnet; Hayden Brandhurst, Caddo Magnet; Dylan Price, Natchitoches Central; Billy Leverich, Pineville; Christian Wilson, Pineville; Brandon Pierce, Southwood; Eduardo Hernandez, West Monroe. Forwards/Midfielders — Noah Sheets, Airline; Iza Zabaneh, Caddo Magnet; Luke Whiteman, West Monroe; Dennis Palacios, West Monroe