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Allie Aiello Stahl Qualifies for District Court Judge for Bossier and Webster Parishes

Allie Aiello Stahl

Prosecutor Allie Aiello Stahl officially qualified to run for District Court Judge for Bossier
and Webster Parishes in the upcoming March 26 election.

Stahl, an assistant district attorney with 10 years of courtroom experience, is
campaigning throughout the two parishes touting her conservative credentials and her
prosecutorial success with felony cases.

“With the election in less than two months, we have a short amount of time to get our
message out. I am running as the experienced, conservative choice for judge. I have a
successful record of prosecuting violent criminals and helping protect crime victims
from additional harm. I have argued and won cases for the citizens of Bossier and
Webster Parishes at the Court of Appeal and the Louisiana Supreme Court. I am proud
of this record and am the only candidate running for judge who has achieved this,” said

“As your next District Court Judge, I will uphold the law to ensure that all parties will
have a fair and unbiased opportunity to present their case in court. A case will never
be decided until all pertinent facts are presented and the laws are applied impartially
and equally to all,” said Stahl.

“I firmly believe that a judge’s role in our courts is to interpret the law fairly as the law is
written, and not necessarily how one thinks the law should be. The role of our courts is
to be fair, impartial, and absent any activist leaning or intent,” said Stahl.

“As a conservative Christian female, I hope to bring a new perspective to the bench as
the first female judge ever to serve in Bossier and Webster Parishes,” said Stahl.

“For the next seven weeks, I will work hard to visit with as many people as possible to
share my positive campaign message of courtroom experience and conservative
values to the voters,” said Stahl.

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