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American Will Power Will Conquer Washington D.C.

The facts are out already:  America has more energy reserves (oil, gas, and coal) than any place on earth.  Yet the Obama Administration has not approved a single new permit in the Gulf of Mexico for the last five years.  For five years he has refused to give approval of the Keystone Pipeline.  He has approved zero permits for drilling on government lands.  He has been brutal to the coal mining industry, shutting down hundreds of mines and fire plants via EPA regulations vastly increased under his administration.  Hundreds of coal miners have been put out of work as well as many who formally worked on oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.  These people and their families have suffered.

Obama’s decisions are made on the basis of politics, not prosperity for America.  He wants to continually appease his environmental base.  The EPA chief goal is to save a two inch minnow in Northern California but allow the famers in the rich valleys of Southern California to go without water.  The Democrats restrict the water so it flows West to flow the Pacific Ocean insuring that this little two inch minnow can feed the salmons.  There are millions and millions of these minnows.  Common sense alone tells you that plenty will survive regardless, but common sense goes out the window with the Democrats in California and in Washington D.C.  The farmers go without water, but the salmon are insured a meal which they would have anyway.  God would sustain them, I’m sure.  He has for hundreds of years.

The EPA continues to heap its vengeance on the coal mines and coal plants in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and other states.  This hurts thousands of Americans and puts them out of work.  So, they join the rolls of the ever enlarging folks on unemployment.  I’m sure some also, maybe for the first time ever, go on the food stamp roll (SNAP).

This war on Americans is being practiced in all Democrat “Blue” states, and all of them are under water with debt: New York, Illinois, California and others like Connecticut, Maryland, Oregon, and Washington will soon follow.  Their taxes are sky high, and yet the politicians want more, just like Washington D.C.

The Obama Administration has proven itself a total failure when it comes to uplifting America.  It has done just the opposite.  You would have to be blind and deft not to see it.  America is at her lowest now than I have ever seen it in 72 years.

But hope springs eternal in America.  The American free enterprise system fights back with the help of very successful conservative governors like Rick Perry of Texas, Rick Scott of Florida, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Jack Dalrymple of  North Dakota, and Mary Fallin in Oklahoma,  all Republican Governors who have balanced their budgets or, in some cases have a surplus remaining.  These states have put Americans to work, most in the energy sector, oil and gas.  Midland, Texas is a bonanza of wealth as well as North Dakota with the lowest unemployment in the United States. North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Wisconsin have extremely low unemployment rates relative to the remainder of the country.  All of these states are run by Republican Governors interested in low tax rates for their citizens and low tax rates for business.  Governor Perry has gone to New York, California, and Sweden to attract businesses to Texas.  People are leaving the high taxes in New York and California and are moving to Florida, Texas, and Arizona, all Republican run states.

Add it up.  America will fight back in every way possible until we get rid of the tax and spend Democrats and Obama.

James Gleason

Plain Dealing, LA

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