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Americans Must Say, ‘No More!’

The time is growing shorter when all of the patriotic, God fearing Americans are going to rise up and declare, “We are not going to take this foolishness from this President and his Socialist Administration any longer. We have had enough!”

The bond of our Founding Fathers has been broken. We cannot take this foolishness any longer! The Constitution has been broken many times by this president by his acclamation of Presidential power.

After 50 years, since 1964, when Lyndon Johnson proclaimed a “War on Poverty”, the poverty level has risen to an all time high after 50 years of “dependent care” for the “poor” under the political prowess of Obama and the Democrat Party: free housing, food stamps, unemployment, welfare, and all the other “dependent” programs sponsored by Democrats since Lyndon Johnson in 1964. As a nation we have increased poverty and have not solved a single problem.

You simply cannot improve the level of poverty by making people feel “dependent”. It just doesn’t work out that way. And that is exactly what the Democrats, our Socialist, Communist Party in America continues to promote. How long will you support such idiocy?

We simply cannot take this foolishness any longer! We must rise up, as Conservatives, and proclaim, “We simply will not take this foolish any longer!!”

I’m not done yet. What about “Fast and Furious”? How many uninformed people in America have no idea what Obama and his Attorney General was doing? Very few if any have any idea how Obama was trying his best to turn the whole damn country against the ownership of guns. But that is what this whole damn program was all about.

How could an American President commit 30,000 young Americans to war in Afghanistan and not believe in the cause he was promoting. I will tell you why. It was for “political” reasons only. Disgraceful!

How could our President and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, “lie” about the conditions and circumstances in Benghazi, Libya where four brave Americans died? I will tell you. It was political.

Even if you include the IRS Scandal, the Benghazi Scandal, the IRS Scandal, the Fast and Furious Scandal, and the NSA Scandal, this Communist Regime in our White House today is totally “Out of Control”!

We must rise up! We must protect God, the American Dream, and most of all, the laws and declarations that has made this country great for 250 years. We must protect our Constitution which is being torn apart every day by Obama. He is a quasi Muslim, an embrasure of the Devil, and has no love for our country.

Do you need more proof? Well, he shut down during the Sequester, which was his idea anyway, though he blamed Republicans, every single Memorial to our Americans Veterans not only in this country but also overseas in France. He shut down the Memorial in France which honored all the brave American Rangers and soldiers who scaled the cliffs of Normandy in France in WWII. What a callus jester! One that should dishonor any President! Americans visiting France at the time could not visit this most respected memorial of American soldiers. But our compliant media, who supports Obama, never reported it as it should have been reported.

Most Americans never hear “real news”. The Socialists media keeps everything “dumb down”. It keeps people in ignorance.

We are selling our country away to a self-centered, arrogant, Muslim President who is not even a citizen of this country. And for what? So we do not say anything that is not “Politically Correct?”

I abide by the first amendment to our Constitution. I will say what I choose to say. You may agree or disagree. That’s fine. That is what America is all about. But you will not shut me up.

It is time for all Americans who believe in God and the Constitution of America to rise up and say, “We have had enough! We simply are not going to take this foolishness any longer!”


James Gleason

Plain Dealing, LA

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  1. The President did not ‘shut down’ the American government, the Republican-led legislature did. President Obama did not start the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; the Republican George W. Bush did. And it was President George W. Bush who lied to us all about Iraq having ‘weapons of mass destruction’ as an excuse to start a personally motivated war with a country which had never attacked us. All the American soldiers who died in these two pointless wars are on W’s account.

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