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Amy Litton named first Gold Star of 2015-16


Submitted by Sonja Bailes, Public Relations Liaison for Bossier Schools

They are the ones who think nothing of going the extra mile to help or the impact they make on others.

Amy Litton
Amy Litton

It explains why Amy Litton thought she was gathered in the T.L. Rodes cafeteria to celebrate someone else receiving Bossier Schools’ first Gold Star for 2015-16. Yet it was Litton who was chosen from more than two dozen nominations submitted for the district’s employee recognition award.

“I could not be more surprised!” Litton said, after receiving a plaque, cookie cake and lots of applause from students and her peers. “I was just thinking how much I have to do this week and now, I’ll be motivated for sure!”

Litton is an Occupational Therapist who has worked for Bossier Schools for 10 years. All that time has been spent at schools in Haughton, which she calls a blessing. She begins working with children as early as PreK and follows them on to high school.

“I love that I can see the progression, because I start with them here (at T.L. Rodes) and get to see them improve and progress as they move up.”

Special Education Supervisor Cindi Barulli was excited Litton was singled out for this honor.

Barulli said, “Amy works very hard and is always going beyond her duties as an O.T. One of Amy’s strengths is her willingness to collaborate with colleagues to try to improve the educational environment for her students. She actively participates in planning sessions and IEP meetings, adding to the discussions fresh ideas. It is apparent Amy enjoys working with the children and is dedicated to helping them. She certainly deserves to be recognized!”

Linda Newton, who works with Litton, is one of the teachers who nominated her. Newton wrote, “She does everything she can to meet the needs of her O.T. students. She is very creative and spends a lot of her own money on items to help her students. Amy set up a sensory lab for the students. She makes sure it is supplied with what is needed and changes it to match the theme of the week.”

Teacher Jenni Hicks echoed those sentiments in her nomination.

“It doesn’t matter if a student is on her roll or not. If they need help, she is always there. Amy is always ready to try new things with her students — whatever will help them, she will try.”

Hicks went on to describe how Litton assists her colleagues, too.

“She will never turn you down, even if she is overloaded with work of her own. She will always drop whatever she is doing to help. Not only is Amy the most fabulous O.T. I have ever seen, she is also a fabulous woman … quick to give a hug to someone who needs it or a prayer to uplift someone.”

“This is an awesome place to work,” Litton said, tearful after hearing the touching words her colleagues expressed. “You won’t find a place that works harder for our kids than here.” Litton added, “This is an outstanding group of people and to be nominated by them is truly an honor.”

Bossier Schools and Gold Star sponsor Bossier Federal Credit Union congratulates Amy Litton, the first Gold Star winner of 2015-16. It is truly an honor for her to be a part of our school family, giving her all to the children of Bossier Parish and Haughton.

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