ANECA Federal Pays it Forward

Courtesy Photo

One good deed paid forward can start a movement to a better community.

That’s why ANECA Federal Credit Union showed up at The Oyster Bar and Grille in Towne Oak Sq, 855 Pierremont Rd #157, Shreveport, Wednesday, to surprise customers and pay for their meals.

ANECA is a not for profit community credit union who is on a mission to make the SBC the place to be. Stephanie Sievers, CEO of ANECA said, “We want to support our community and the great people who live and work here. Giving back and helping people is in our DNA.”

As their meal was paid for patrons were given a small card that read, “Compliments of ANECA…Pay it Forward #theANECAway,” as well as a suggestion for a way for them to pay it forward, such as “Plant a tree,” “Send someone a hand-written thank you note,” “Put money in someone else’s parking meter,” “Open a door for a stranger,” and “Pick up lunch for a busy coworker.”

“With our #theANECAway campaign, we hope to get the ball rolling with random acts of kindness for others…it is also a lot of fun to makes someone smile,” the company said in a statement.

The #theANECAway pay-it-forward campaign is a monthly event, and the credit union plans on showing up again at a random location next month to pay it forward with another act of kindness. 

“No one will know of our next location until the day of the event in an effort to keep things a surprise.”

Until then, ANECA hopes everyone will pay-it-forward with random acts of kindness by continuing the movement and being kind to others.

ANECA Federal Credit Union, located in Shreveport and Bossier City, is dedicated to helping the community meet their financial goals, borrow smarter and get out of debt. They put people before profit because they are “different that way.”