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Area Task Force cited nationally as ‘Top Cops’

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An eight-member anti-crime task force was cited at a national event after rescuing a little girl who had been abducted.

Members of the New Orleans Division, Shreveport Resident Agency’s Northwest Louisiana Violent Gangs and Safe Streets Task force rescued a nine-year-old girl who was the subject of an Amber Alert in Bossier City.

Working on a tip received by the FBI in Dallas, the team followed the lead first to a “big box” type discount store in Bossier City, and then to a hotel.

In the hotel room, a task force member quickly whisked the little girl to safety. After she was safely out of the room, a struggle ensued, during which a task force member, Special Agent Michael Wagner, was shot by the suspect. He was treated and released the following day.

Task force members received Honorable Mention at the National Association of Police Organizations’ Top Cop Awards May 14.


Task force members are:

  • Agent Brandon H. Masters, Bossier Sheriff’s Office.
  • Cpl. Stuart G. Talbot, Caddo Sheriff’s Office.
  • Sgt. Benjamin A. Jones and Sgt. David J. Boudreaux, DeSoto Sheriff’s Office.
  • Task Force Officer Jerry Alan Alkire, Shreveport Police.
  • Special Agent Michael J. Wagoner, Special Agent Charles “Erik” Simon and Special Agent Howard White, FBI.
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