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At The Library: Do you love boxes? This day is for you

by BPT Staff
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Did you know there’s a day on which we celebrate boxes? It sounded strange to me too, which is why I had to immediately investigate. 

International Box Day is celebrated on June 19th and, while I can’t tell you the origins of this quirky day, I can tell you that it’s a perfect day for cat owners to give their feline friends a treat because we all know the unique love that cats have for boxes. If you’re not a cat owner yet, but you’re thinking of becoming one, here’s a fun fact for you: Utrecht University (in the Netherlands) recently conducted a study that determined that cats with boxes adapt to their new environments faster because a box is a safe, personal space that provides comfort for them. Love for boxes extends even into lions and tigers and other big cats; whether or not it is also a source of comfort for them I couldn’t say, I don’t know of any studies on the matter.

Andrea Gilmer, MLIS Community Engagement Librarian Bossier Parish Libraries

Jumping back to the topic of boxes specifically, I have some fun facts about these too. For instance, did you know that the first commercial paperboard box is thought to have been made by M. Treverton & Son in 1817 in England? We then credit a Brooklyn-based company for manufacturing the first pre-cut cardboard pieces that could then be folded into a box; this was in about 1890. Corrugated cardboard was produced in the United States by about 1895. Today, some companies print fun designs on their boxes, not just for advertisement, but for entertainment; specifically for the entertainment of children, who often love a box as much as a cat does.

Librarians are also known for loving cardboard boxes, but less because we’re inclined to jump in and out of them as cats and children might and more because of the fun things we can build with them. Even if you don’t celebrate like a cat, child, or librarian who’s just come up with a new game involving a cardboard box, take a moment on this day and appreciate how much easier our lives are with boxes of all descriptions.

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