Thursday, June 20, 2024

BAFB Celebrates Women in the Air Force

by Randy Brown
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Global Power Museum Unveils BAFB Women’s Exhibit

BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, La. – The 2d Bomb Wing will host the grand opening of Barksdale Global Power Museum’s “BAFB Women’s Exhibit” on June 12, 2024, at 1 p.m.

The “BAFB Women’s Exhibit” commemorates and celebrates the contributions of Barksdale AFB and AFGSC women and other Air Force women pioneers, showcasing their achievements and enduring legacy in the United States Air Force.

Distinguished visitors including General Thomas Bussiere, Air Force Global Strike commander, retired Brigadier General Kristin Goodwin, Headquarters Space Operations deputy commanding general for support, Colonel Michael Maginness, 2d Bomb Wing commander and retired Chief Master Sergeant Melvina Smith, Air Force Global Strike command chief, will deliver speeches at the ceremony.

This grand opening is especially significant as it coincides with the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act of 1948 and Women Veterans Recognition Day. June 12th marks the historic day when women were officially granted a permanent place and equal opportunity for military service in our nation. The exhibit will serve as a permanent exhibit at the Barksdale Global Power Museum.

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