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BAFB gives event recap to Bossier City Council


At Tuesday’s Bossier City Council regular session meeting, the council heard a brief Barksdale Air Force Base 2021 recap from Colonel Mark C. Dmytryszyn, Commander of the 2nd Bomb Wing.

“What I’m about to list for you does not occur without you personally, as well as all of those that you represent both on this side and the other side of the river. In a recap of calendar 2021, events out at the base were a little more energetic than they have been in the past. In recap, we started the year by flying a 38 hour round trip mission from the base to the Arabian Gulf. And back in February, we went to the Pacific. In April, we went to the Pacific. In May, we went to the European and African theaters. In June, we stayed in the homeland. In August, we went to the Pacific. In September, we flew all the way to Chili and back, a short 20 hours. And, we concluded in December with a 28 hour round trip to Japan,” said Colonel Dmytryszyn.

Colonel Dmytryszyn went on to tell the council what 2022 could look like for Barksdale Air Force Base.

“Moving forward in calendar year 2022, we find ourselves on the precipice of a return, to what we call, great power competition. We are looking at a “PIER Threat China” that we are deeming as our pacing threat. And, we are looking at a continued ill behaving Russia. The bottom line is that what we do at Barksdale, regardless of being in the 2nd, 307th, 8th Air Force or Global Strike, is to temper great power transgressions ideally through our presence and partnership with others. But if necessary, by force,” said Colonel Dmytryszyn.

As a show of being a trusted friend to Bossier City, Bossier City Mayor Tommy Chandler presented the key to Bossier City to Colonel Dmytryszyn prior to Colonel Dmytryszyn’s recap to the council.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the city council approved:

  • Adoption of an ordinance allocating $300,000 to come from the Water Capital and Contingency Fund for On Demand Water Meter Purchases.
  • Adoption of an ordinance to appropriate $12,124 to come from the Hotel/Motel Tax Fund to be used for the Tree Removal Project for the Brookshire Grocery Arena
  • Adoption of a resolution authorizing the hiring of a Meter Reader due to a resignation in the Customer Service Department.
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