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BAFB housing open to public

Barksdale Family Housing opens area up to public

What was once a secluded area for active duty military families has now been made available to the public for on-base living opportunities.

Barksdale Family Housing announced their decision to open rental properties to civilians this month, allowing the public to apply for housing in main base, Liberty Heights and Heritage Heights communities on Barksdale Air Force Base. This will include single-family and duplex style homes.

“Due to occupancy challenges in many neighborhoods, this is the next step in ensuring our project is sustainable and we are able to continue to provide the homes and amenities our residents have come to expect and deserve,” Andrew Patacca, Operations Director, said.

Barksdale Family Housing said they will continue to meet the needs of active duty military families and unaccompanied service members, DoD Civilians, and Military Retirees first.

“Active Duty Families receive top priority along with key and essential personnel. Barksdale has been providing housing to Active Duty single Airmen and Reservists, Retirees, DoD and Civil Service employees for the past 10 months,” Dixie Lanier Johnson, Manager of Corporate Communications with Hunt Companies, said. “Barksdale Family Housing is committed to ensuring our residents have the best possible living experience available. We are focused on offering Military Members and their families all of the amenities and services they have come to desire and deserve.”

A contributing factor in this decision is the availability of housing.

“Due to sequestration and the military downsizing, there has been a decrease in military members stationed at Barksdale AFB,” Johnson said. “If homes are not being filled by Active Duty personnel, in order to continue to maintain that lifestyle, we offer opportunities for other eligible renters who pass our qualifying criteria to live in one of our homes. In order to provide future renovations and new homes and amenities to our residents, it is imperative that the project maintains its occupancy to provide funding for future development over the next 40+ years.”

Monthly rental rates for civilians are based on selection and market rental rates. Barksdale Family Housing reports that rates will start at $1,049 for a two bedrooms, $1,278 for three bedrooms and four bedrooms and include electrical, water, sewer, trash & recycling disposal, $20,000 in Renter’s Insurance, private gated access, lawn mowing services, 24/7 Emergency Maintenance, all in a pet-friendly community.

As far as security is concerned, each applicant must pass a comprehensive credit, criminal and security forces background check at the installation housing office. Patacca said that can be done at the Barksdale Family Housing office at 201 Langley Drive.

“Barksdale Family Housing will remain a private gated community with potential applicants completing all of the normal screening procedures for housing such as application, credit, and full background checks for all family members over the age of 16 residing in the home,” Patacca added.

Those interested in leasing a Barksdale Family Housing home can call 318-747-2723 and visit our website at www.barksdalefamilyhousing.com to make an appointment to view the community and homes.

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