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‘Bag It First’ encourages community clean up


Keep Bossier Beautiful announces it’s “Bag It First” Community Clean Up Campaign.

“We are encouraging citizens to take a greater responsibility in improving our local environment. We have all heard the conversation about litter prevention, and we want people to take action and clean up areas that they frequent,” said KBB Board Member Robin Williams. “We are hoping that it sparks a larger conversation to share a message to people who currently litter, to stop.”

This parish-wide community clean up project will take place on the first Saturday of each month beginning October 5.

Bossier Parish residents interested in participating are asked to choose a spot/area that is in need of cleaning, fill a trash bag with trash from that area and dispose of the trash bag properly (once filled).

The first trash bag will be provided by Keep Bossier Beautiful, courtesy of the Bossier City Albertson’s grocery store. After the first month, participating residents can use their own trash bag(s).

“We will be handing out 500 bags, one bag per person, and a flyer that describes the program and a customized rubber bracelet with the Bag It FIrst logo to show support for the program,” said Williams.

To get this project started, representatives from Keep Bossier Beautiful handed out garbage bags at the neighborhood block parties in Bossier on National Night Out.

Keep Bossier Beautiful encourages all Bossier Parish residents to participate in this on-going parish-wide project directed toward cleaning up litter in the community.

“Everyone is encouraged to participate every first Saturday of the each month by picking an area to clean, fill a trash bag and dispose of properly. Individuals don’t have to be at a National Night Out Party to participate,” said Williams.

KBB’s goal with the program is simple — less trash on the streets.

“We want this to be an ongoing event that individuals or groups commit to participating each month,” said Williams.

Those interested can follow the activities of Keep Bossier Beautiful by liking the facebook page http://facebook.com/keepbossierbeautiful

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.