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Barksdale AFB declares public health emergency


Following recent updates from national and state leaders, the Barksdale Air Force Base Installation Commander has declared a public health emergency on base.

“The COVID-19 situation in the local area remains dynamic. We have recently identified persons under investigation for COVID-19 on Barksdale Air Force Base, and we are taking active measures to limit exposure to our personnel, their families, and the local community,” said Vice Commander Col. Scott Weyermuller in a video that was released to base personnel and the public late Tuesday afternoon.

“In conjunction with actions taken by our local community partners, the installation commander has declared a public health emergency for Barksdale AFB. This means, more than ever before, good personal hygiene and social distancing are critical to the protection of our airmen and our mission. Should you begin to experience cold or flu-like symptoms, it is vital that you stay home and contact public health and your supervision for guidance. The installation commander has published new guidance for how we will conduct base operations at this time,” he said.

According to a statement that was released at the same time the video was released, the installation commander has declared a Public Health Emergency on Barksdale AFB and has raised its Health Protection Condition level to Bravo+.

“In accordance with this measure and the advice of public health personnel, Barksdale AFB is only open for Official Business. Until further notice, only military members, civilian employees and other Department of Defense affiliated personnel (e.g., retirees, dependents, contractors) who are conducting official duties or business, or have appointments at a medical or mission support facility, will be allowed on the installation. Accessing the base for shopping and morale facilities such as the base exchange, commissary or fitness center is not considered official business. All DoD and non-DoD affiliated personnel currently living on base will maintain base access.”

Base personnel are asked to follow the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines and avoid large gatherings, limit close contact with others, and maximize social distancing and personal hygiene.

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