Home Life Barksdale Federal Credit Union receives Total Health Thriving Together Award

Barksdale Federal Credit Union receives Total Health Thriving Together Award

Humana Honors Barksdale Federal Credit Union for engaging employees in achieving best health

Barksdale Federal Credit Union has received a Total Health Thriving Together Award from Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) for building a culture of health and well-being for its employee workforce.

The award, recently presented to Rod Taylor, President and Chief Executive Officer, recognizes Barksdale Federal Credit Unit for achieving one of the best wellness engagement rates in the country by engaging 80 percent or more of its employees in personalized health behaviors.

“We’re pleased to recognize Barksdale Federal Credit Union with the Humana Total Health Thriving Together Award,” said Beth Bierbower, President of the Group Segment for Humana. “This achievement represents the considerable time and energy dedicated to make wellness a priority, building a culture of health and well-being for the company’s employees.”

Barksdale Federal Credit Union recognized five years ago that adopting a wellness and engagement program would help manage claims costs while also improving employee health and productivity. The company integrated its standard medical plan with Humana’s Total Health wellness solution in an effort to personalize wellness and encourage and incentivize behavior change in its employees and their families.

“We gladly share the Total Health Thriving Together Award with our employees as it was their decision to make lifestyle choices that took control of their health for themselves and their family,” said Taylor.

Humana’s Total Health solution provides a full partnership with employers to improve well-being through HumanaVitality, designated engagement resources, and a multi-year agreement that gives the opportunity for the company to receive a premium discount based on achievement. Humana has found that companies who combined Total Health and HumanaVitality with a standard medical plan experienced four times higher wellness engagement of employees.

Through a two-year claims and productivity study, Humana found that, on average, those engaged employees with chronic conditions had 60 percent lower claims costs than unengaged employees with chronic conditions.

Humana has seen a 115 percent growth in Total Health since it was first offered in 2013. More than half of Total Health groups receive a premium discount in their first renewal year from 2 percent to 10 percent.

“We’re proud to have Barksdale Federal Credit Union’s support as we move toward making our enterprise goal a reality,” said Bierbower. “By making it easy for people to achieve their best health, every community we serve will be 20 percent healthier by 2020. We thank Mr. Taylor and Barksdale Federal Credit Union for being a leader in these efforts.”

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