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Barksdale not affected by Trump’s border wall money redirection


Although some funding for military projects is being diverted for President Donald Trump’s border wall, no projects at  Barksdale Air Force Base will be affected. 

According to the Washington Post, Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper agreed Sept. 3 to free up $3.6 billion from the Pentagon budget for President Trump’s border wall by effectively defunding 127 military construction projects.

So far, it seems that no project at Barksdale Air Force Base is on that list.

A spokesperson from Congressman Mike Johnson’s office confirmed late last week that they have not been notified of any funding impacted in Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District, which includes the military installation. 

In a text message, Johnson said to the Press-Tribune, “Upon our initial review of the border wall funding decisions by the Pentagon, it appears that no military construction projects in Louisiana’s Fourth Congressional District will be impacted.” 

The Washington Post continued that Esper determined that the use of those funds was necessary to support American forces deployed to the southern border with Mexico under the national emergency that Trump declared in February. The formal determination allows Trump to tap the funds appropriated for other purposes without sign-off from Congress. 

The $3.6 billion will fund 11 projects providing 175 miles of new or reconstructed wall along the border with Mexico and help reduce the need for American troops deployed there. 

The Washington Post went on to note that the Pentagon said the projects weren’t being canceled and wouldn’t be delayed so long as Congress agreed to “backfill” the funds and again appropriate money for them.

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