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BCPD to try out new safety tech



The Bossier City Police could receive 200 free body cameras for its department pending a final vote from the Bossier City Council.

The city council has already unanimously approved a first reading of the resolution that would appropriate $773,9250.50 from the sales tax capital improvement fund to upgrade the current L3 MVS (mobile video system) in city patrol cars. As part of the upgrade, L3 Mobile Vision will provide the police department with 200 body cameras at no cost to the city.bossier city police

A final reading and vote is scheduled for the council’s Oct. 20 meeting.

In May, the Bossier City Council voted to fund a body camera study for the police department. The ordinance allocated $100,000 from the sales tax capital improvement fund to conduct the study with products from five manufacturers. Among them were body cams from L-3.

Mark Natale, Public Information Officer for the City of Bossier City, said the patrol units are due for an upgrade and this purchase would also provide a new, larger capacity server for storing video footage from the patrol cars and body cameras.

“Basically we would be getting all new cameras in the patrol cars that will be high definition and with a wider angle lens on them,” Natale said. “The new server also has a capacity large enough to hold all of the video from the patrol units and the body cameras.”

By going with L3, the cameras are compatible with the department’s existing system. Natale said the L3 units have the ability to download video wirelessly to the server.

“The MVS system we have already does that,” he said. “We have receivers at the police department and at the training center on Shed Road that will automatically download the video from their unit once they pull into the parking area at the end of their shift. They will be able to do the same with the body camera footage.”

Should the city council approve the proposal to purchase the L-3 equipment, Natale said the upgrades should begin later this year with the body cameras possibly going into use sometime in early 2016.

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