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Bellaire students raise money for Salvation Army

Ever seen what a house looks like built from mac-n-cheese boxes? Students at Bellaire Elementary can show you.

Members of the Destination Imagination “Rising Stars” team took their service learning project to heart, pitching the idea to their principal, Vicky Birtcher, to collect mac-n-cheese and sell ring pops to benefit The Salvation Army.

Team members recently built a house out of the 425 boxes of pasta collected in the last week. They also presented a $400 check to LaKesha Mosley and Rebecca Nichols with The Salvation Army, which was raised from their “Lollipops for Love” ring pop sale.

“It taught them what leaders do and how important it is for the community to work together and it starts with them,” said Carrie Culpepper, sponsor of Bellaire’s Destination Imagination team.

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