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Bellaire Wushu Academy wins at elite California tournament

Cameron Hale

Hard work pays off.

Members of the Bellaire Wushu Academy in Bossier City recently returned from competing in San Jose, California. Six athletes put their skills and knowledge to the ultimate test in the Elite Tiger Claw Championships, a Chinese Kung Fu / Wushu International Martial Arts Tournament.

Members of the Bellaire Wushu Academy who traveled to San Jose, CA are (left to right) Ryan Teppenpaw, Zach Teppenpaw, Allie Harper, Bridgett Sepuvlado, Cameron Hale, Brianna Pinkston and Sifu Randy Harper.

Cameron Hale won 2 silver medals (advanced division); Zack Teppenpaw won 1 silver and 1 bronze (advanced division); Ryan Teppenpaw won 1 silver and 1 bronze (advanced division); Bridgett Sepulvado won 3 gold and 1 silver (intermediate division); Allie Harper won 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze (intermediate division); Brianna Pinkston won 2 trophies in empty hand (Taolu) and weapons and a bronze in Wushu (beginners division). The team was accompanied by Sifu Randy Harper and instructors Bob Fowler and Vicki Harper.

Dr. Randy Harper, pastor of Bellaire Baptist Church and head instructor at the Bellaire Wushu Academy,  said this is the hardest competition his team has been to so far and he’s more than pleased with the outcome.

“The experience was great,” Harper said. “We learned so much and came back challenged.”

While the team was competing at the San Jose tournament, the Bellaire Wushu Academy’s website (www.bellairewushuacademy.org) had 439 hits, a first for the group. 
Harper praised his team, adding that they have many talented students in their program.

In May, Bellaire Wushu Academy hosted the Bellaire Championships and had more than a dozen winners —  Kayden Harper (5 trophies), Bree Carmack (2 trophies), Bentley Erler (2 trophies), Phenix Mascola (1 trophy), Chino Rivera, Graysen Matt, Khyra Brown, MacKenzie Craig, Jacob Lochman, Winter Mascola, Brianna Pinkston, Brian Rodrigues, Meredith Pinkston, and Brianna Lochman.

So what’s next? Harper said they will be competing at nationals in August and hopefully going on a mission trip to Haiti, where the team will perform their skills and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Bellaire Wushu Academy offers martial arts training in the Chinese Martial Art of Wushu traditional Kung Fu (My Jhong Law Horn) Chinese Kempo, Iss-Hogai, and Combat Martial Arts, (All Competition styles), Tai Chi (Taiji or Tai Chi Chuan)  and has a proud, strong lineage.

Bellaire Wushu Academy is a Christian Fellowship and its instructors are dedicated to providing a high quality of teaching and training in Chinese Martial Arts. Classes are available for men, women and children.
 All classes are held at the Bellaire Complex, 4330 Panther Drive, Bossier City, LA 71112.

For more information, visit ww.bellairewushuacademy.org.

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