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A Benton family is hoping to turn their family of four into a family of six via international adoption.

The Easter family are in the midst of adopting two children, a male and a female, from Ethiopia. Sage Easter said it was God’s calling five years ago that led her family to embarking on this journey, taking more than 8,000 miles from home.

The children are siblings, a boy and a girl, around the ages of 9 and 10. Sage said she knows little about the children, but has as much love for them already as she does her two biological children.

å…¸hey are healthy for the most part considering health standards in their country, she explained. å…¸hey don’t know the English language, but we don’t see that as our biggest obstacle.?/p>

Through this journey, the Easter family has developed a ‘One Less’ initiative in hopes of inspiring others to see the value and importance of adoption.

å…¸here are 147 million orphans in the world. We can’t save them all, but we knew we could save one, she said.

Their adoption philosophy, Sage said, is based on a quote by David Platt çš„t is important to realize we adopt not because we are rescuers. We adopt because we are rescued.?/p>

Their intention was to adopt one child, but Sage said God called her family to do something even greater.

溺ost people would say the children are lucky to be adopted, but we consider our family to be the lucky ones that God chose to adopt them, Sage said. å…¸here are children in need all over the world. God doesn’t see color and he doesn’t see boundaries.?/p>

Sage said they are hoping to make their first trip to Ethiopia by the end of the year. However, it’s not guaranteed until the Ethiopian government makes the final decision.

Until then, the Easter family continues to pray and seek support from other local adoptive families, including ones in their own church. Sage said her family is one of many involved in an introduction to adoption course at Cypress Baptist in Benton.

She encourages those looking for adoption support to contact the church for more information.

摘ven if you’ve had the slightest, most remote feeling to adopt, you can make a difference in one child’s life, she said. 鼎ypress Baptist has the tools and people with knowledge that can help you make that difference.?/p>

The Easter family has also organized several fundraising events to help cover the cost of the adoption, which Sage said could be in excess of $50,000.

There is currently a coffee fundraiser online at www.justlovecoffee.com/EasterFamilyAdoption and a Facebook auction that will open on Friday, Oct. 4. Items and services are still being accepted for this auction event.

Whether they raise $5 or $5,000, Sage said they appreciate every bit of support.

çš„t’s amazing to see how people have come together, she said. 展e have a sense of peace about this. God has a plan and will provide for us as needed.?/p>

Most importantly, though, is their need for prayer and Sage said she is thankful for the local support spiritually, emotionally and financially. The Easter family is already looking forward to the day they can bring the newest members of their family home to Benton.

展e are very excited about this, she said. 展e know God will provide so we are asking for prayers above all else.?/p>

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