Benton Farmers Market will not be held for the 2019 season

A shot from the opening day of the 2014 Benton Farmers' Market. The popular summer market is set to make a return this year.

The Benton Farmers Market will not be held for the 2019 season.

Benton Mayor Shelly Horton said although the Benton Farmers Market will not be held this season, events that will be held at the same location where the Farmers Market once took place. 

“Unfortunately, we will not have the Benton Farmers Market this year. We are still having some other events such as the Benton Trade Days and Chicken Swap at that same pavilion where the Benton Farmers Market was being held,” said Horton. 

The town is also looking for additional events.

Mayor Horton declined to comment as to the reason behind the event’s cancellation.

Residents of the town were initially upset after a January 20 Facebook post on Benton’s Farmers Market page read, “There will be no spring or summer market this year in Benton.”

At that time, Mayor Horton said that he was in the early stages of looking at options for continuing the market.

“The leaders in the Town of Benton are currently looking into the possibility of continuing the Benton Farmers Market, but it has not been finalized yet. I hope that it works,” Horton said.