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Benton Police warn about scam

Benton Police Chief Charles L. Pilkinton wants the Benton community to be aware of the most recent phone scam.

Chief Pilkinton says that his office has recieved complaints from residents that state that they recieved a phone call from a person identifying themself only as David. The Caller “David” claims he is with Publishers Clearing House and that you have won a black Mercedes car. The caller “David” also advises you to go to Walmart and purchase a Green Dot Money Scratch Card and use the code 555.

The phone number that the caller ‘ David ” has been calling from has been identified as 1-876-394-5014.

Chief Pilkinton would like to remind you that this is only one of many scams that are out there; never give any of your personal information,banking or credit card information to anyone over the phone unless you know specifically who and what company you are doing business with.

Under no circumstance should you use your credit card or purchase a money card to send money to anyone or any where just because they say you have won a prize, lottery, or sweepstake.

The best thing to do when you recieve a phone call of this nature is to say nothing and just hang up the phone.

If you have any questions or would like to report a possible scam please contact the Benton Police Department at 318-965-0579.

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