There aren’t many elected officials who stood early on with our teachers and administrators who opposed the Common Core State Initiative. They either were for, against, or hadn’t decided yet on the issue that is one of the “hottest” ever in education. Henry Burns listened to his constituents and took action. His due diligence and concern for children drove him to organize with other state officials, the only Common Core Forum in North Louisiana which was held in November of last year.

Rep. Burns tackled the most controversial education reform by always voting to dismantle this deficient reform. Check his record! Those elected officials who saw Common Core for what it is and fought to repeal it need to be commended and re-elected. Rep. Henry Burns, a retired and decorated lieutenant colonel in the United States Army has demonstrated his courage again in this battle on our homefront. He deserves another medal for his acts of valor against Common Core.

Cindy Beshea
Haughton, LA

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