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Bills Signed by Gov. Edwards

Gov. John Bel Edwards

Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he has signed the following bills into law from the 2021 Legislative Session.

ACT 158—SB 9 Provides relative to continuous revision of the Children’s Code.

ACT 159—SB 41 Provides with respect to the repeal of insurance company deposit requirements.

ACT 160—SB 42 Requires notices of reinstatement of a casualty policy to go to all relevant parties.

ACT 161—SB 46 Increases the amount of compensation excluded from tax table income for certain active duty members of the armed forces.

ACT 162—SB 58 Provides for the identification of certain impounded animals.

ACT 163—SB 62 Provides relative to the management of the affairs of an interdict.

ACT 164—SB 70 Provides relative to named storm deductibles for commercial properties.

ACT 165—SB 73 Provides relative to investments of domestic insurers.

ACT 166—SB 77 Exempts purchases of certain school buses from sales and use tax.

ACT 167—SB 91 Authorizes transfer on death of certain securities.

ACT 168—SB 103 Creates the Louisiana Equine Promotion and Research Program.

ACT 169—HB 120 Provides that airport facility plans are confidential.

ACT 170—HB 142 Provides relative to investment authority of the treasure.

ACT 171—HB 157 Provides relative to the financial security for surviving spouses and children of law enforcement officers who suffer death by heart attack or stroke.

ACT 172—HB 161 Provides relative to the civil service status of employees of the Bunkie Housing Authority.

ACT 173—HB 163 Provides relative to the creation of a retirement fund for retired sheriffs and deputy sheriffs of St. James Parish.

ACT 174—HB 164 Provides relative to default judgments.

ACT 175—HB 168 Provides relative to a district attorney’s responsibility in an action objecting to the candidacy of a person who qualified as a candidate in a primary election.

ACT 176—HB 174 Provides relative to the Louisiana Municipal Natural Gas Purchasing and Distribution Authority.

ACT 177—HB 176 Provides relative to the assessment of late fees and penalties relative to certain reports and financial disclosure statements required to be filed with the Board of Ethics.

ACT 178—HB 177 Provides relative to sterilization of animals sold or released for adoption from shelters.

ACT 179—HB 178 Redesignates a portion of Louisiana Highway 77 in the Village of Grosse Tete as the “Veterans Memorial Highway.”

ACT 180—HB 184 Designates Act No. 259 of the 2020 Regular Session as “The Remy Hidalgo Act.”

ACT 181—HB 187 Amends laws relative to home health care.

ACT 182—HB 190 Provides relative to maternity services of midwives and doulas.

ACT 183—HB 194 Allows a sheriff or deputy sheriff to purchase a duty weapon upon retirement for fair market value.

ACT 184—HB 195 Adds statewide civilian emergency dispatchers to the definition of “first responders” for certain purposes.

ACT 185—HB 200 Exempts military survivor benefit plan payments from state individual income tax.

ACT 186—HB 222 Provides relative to certain sex offenses against minors.

ACT 187—HB 226 Provides relative to the process by which the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission can change the daily take, possession, and size limits of certain fish in Lake D’Arbonne in Union Parish.

ACT 188—HB 234 Provides relative to the Louisiana Sexual Assault Oversight Commission.

ACT 189—HB 235 Provides relative to certain judgeships in the Twenty-First Judicial District.

ACT 190—HB 239 Provides relative to the harvesting of cypress trees on state property.

ACT 191—HB 240 Provides relative to the issuance of certain identification to qualified retired law enforcement officers.

ACT 192—HB 244 Provides for the regulation of pharmacy services administrative organizations.

ACT 193—HB 258 Provides relative to renewal of real estate licenses and timeshare registrations.

ACT 194—HB 259 Provides relative to employment for persons with disabilities.

ACT 195—HB 269 Provides relative to destruction of imported food which is subject to an import ban.

ACT 196—HB 280 Provides relative to program administration and school eligibility for Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program.

ACT 197—HB 303 Provides relative to constructive surrender and non-warrant surrender.

ACT 198—HB 304 Provides for coordinating data in order to evaluate the early childhood care and education network, prioritizing the provision of related services and funds, and creating a program to provide instructional materials for home use.

ACT 199—HB 306 Provides an exception to allow an immediate family member of a local school board member to be employed as a certified school bus operator.

ACT 200—HB 323 Provides relative to the selection of architectural and engineering services.

ACT 201—HB 332 Creates the Vista Park Crime Prevention District in Orleans Parish.

ACT 202—HB 333 Provides relative to the classified fire service in the city of Zachary.

ACT 203—HB 354 Modifies the definition of autocycle applicable to the operator’s helmet exemption and driver’s license endorsement requirement.

ACT 204—SB 108 Provides relative to mental health rehabilitation services contracts with Medicaid managed care organizations.

ACT 205—SB 111 Provides for bids, claims, and payments involving public contracts.

ACT 206—SB 112 Requires certain parties be notified when a vehicle is stored pursuant to the Louisiana Towing and Storage Act.

ACT 207—SB 113 Provides relative to the payment of fees for interpreters for non-English-speaking persons in civil cases.

ACT 208—SB 114 Provides for remote public school registration and enrollment of children of military personnel transferring to the state.

ACT 209—SB 116 Provides relative to employment, education, and related services for FITAP participants.

ACT 210—SB 133 Provides relative to the prioritization of health equity by the Louisiana Department of Health.

ACT 211—SB 136 Provides for promulgation of emergency rules in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act.

ACT 212—SB 140 Provides relative to the crime of obstruction of justice penalties.

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