Bodcau Soil and Water Conservation District announces tree, shrub sale


Each year, the Bodcau Soil and Water Conservation District sponsors a tree and shrub sale to raise additional funds for educational outreach and to provide conservation assistance to landowners.

The following trees will be offered for sale this year: Crabapple, Native Sweet Pecan, Pink Flowering Dogwood, White Flowering Dogwood, Crapemyrtle, Red Leaf Plum, Belle of Georgia Peach, Alberta Peach, Ayers Pear, Moonglow Pear, Red Maple, Willow Oak, Sawtooth Oak, Cow Oak, Bald Cypress, Bradford Pear, Hydrangea, Chinquapin, Muscadine, Southern Magnolia, Delite Blueberry, Bluebelle Blueberry, Red Delicious Apple & Japanese Snow Ball.

Tree seedlings range in price from $2 Р$7 and can be reserved now by contacting the Bodcau Soil and Water Conservation District @ 318-747-9567, Ext.3 and placing your order. The seedlings will be picked up on Thursday, January 28 or Friday, January 29, 2016 from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM at 5107 Hwy 80 next to Serio’s Feed Store in Bossier City.

Please support the Bodcau SWCD in our efforts to put conservation on the ground.