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Boil advisory for businesses between Benton & Old Minden Roads


The City of Bossier City has issued a boil advisory for most businesses located along Benton Road between Old Minden Road and Benton Spur.

This is due to a loss of water pressure that’s expected this morning while city crews work to repair a water main break. The break occurred in a line that runs along that portion of Benton Road.

The advisory includes the Heart of Bossier Shopping Center but not Fast Eddie’s Billiards, McDonald’s on Benton Road at Benton Spur or Pasados Restaurant on Benton Road at Old Minden Road.

The advisory is a precautionary measure and recommends those in the affected area to voluntarily boil their water before consuming it until the health department can test the water. The advisory pertains only to water used for consumption. Again the advisory is only a precautionary measure. This is a boil advisory, not a boil order.

The city will notify the media when the advisory is lifted.

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.


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