Home Life Our Neighbor: Bonnie Merchant

Our Neighbor: Bonnie Merchant

Town: Bossier City

Birth place: Newark, NY

Occupation: Cake Designer

Family: I live with my husband, a retired Marine. My Son, daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren live in the same subdivision.

OurNeighborMy hobbies are: Cake designing, gardening and reading

I drive a: Toyota Prius

My favorite author is: Suzanne Collins

The last book I read: Mocking Jay

My idol is: Kerry Vincent

My favorite kind of music is: Rock

My favorite performer is: Adele

My favorite movie is: Ghost

My favorite TV show is: Scandal

My favorite restaurant is: Carrabas

My favorite president is: John F. Kennedy

The four guests at my fantasy dinner party are: Oprah, Bob Dylan, Ellen, Paul McCartney

My favorite thing about Bossier is: Shopping!!!!

If there’s one thing I won’t do it’s: Be mean to animals

My pet peeve is: Slow Drivers

When I’m nervous I: giggle

My favorite memory is:

My wedding on a cruise ship with all my family there with me

If I could, I’d write a book about: Cake Decorating

A movie I have walked out on was: Kung Fu Panda

You will never catch me wearing: A bikini  LOL

My father and mother would say I’m: a good wife, mother and grandmother

My friends would say I’m: Fun to be around

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