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Bossier Chamber names 2015 Patriots of the Year

The Bossier Chamber of Commerce honored local heroes at the 2015 Patriot Awards on Friday, September 11.

The annual luncheon takes place each year on Patriot Day and recognizes those serving on the front lines each day to keep our community and citizens safe.  Elizabeth McCormick, former U.S. Army Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot served as the keynote speaker and shared inspirational stories from her time serving the United States.

Bossier Parish Police Jury President, Jack Skaggs, recounted scenes from the 2015 Red River flood earlier this summer and recognized those who worked tirelessly throughout the disaster.  The 2015 Patriot Award finalists represent Bossier City and Parish law enforcement, Bossier Parish Fire Protection, Bossier Parish Emergency Communication, as well as all branches of the military.

Nominees are submitted by their respective units and the award recipients are chosen by members of the Bossier Chamber leadership committee.

2015 Patriot Award Recipients
Bossier City Law Enforcement:
 Officer Kevin Wooten, Patrol
Bossier Parish Law Enforcement:  Deputy John “Jackie” Loveless, SRO/ Patrol Division
Bossier City Fire Protection:  Chad Halsell
Bossier Parish Emergency Communication:  Colette Daley
Reserve/Guard Military:  Staff Sergeant Freddie Duncan, U.S. Marine Corps Reserves
Active Duty Military:  Senior Airmen TJ Brantley, U.S. Air Force
Retired Military:  Chief Master Sergeant Kenneth P. Koval, U.S. Air Force



Staff Sergeant Freddie Duncan, US Marine Corps Reserves
Bossier Chamber 2015 Patriot Award Recipient
Staff Sergeant Freddie Duncan, who has been a member of Company B, 1st Battalion, 23rd Marines here in Bossier City for fifteen years.  During this time he has deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and a tour in Cuba.  As a Junior Marine he served in the bloody battlefield of Fallujah as a 60 millimeter gunner in 2004, gaining a great amount of combat experience and knowledge.
Staff Sergeant Duncan is also a local firefighter with the city of Shreveport and takes his service into the community with his civilian job.  He has been in countless situations which have relied on his training, both military and civilian, to provide life-saving actions in the protection of this community.

Senior Airman T.J. Brantley, U.S. Air Force
Bossier Chamber 2015 Patriot Award Recipient
Senior Airman T.J. Brantley is an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician in the United States Air Force.  While serving on a deployment, he air assaulted into the mountains of Kandahar Providence in support of U.S. Army Forces and Afghan Border Police to clear a cave system suspected of house improvised explosive devices, or i.e.d.’s.  During this assault, several fire fights erupted with insurgents in the caves.  Airman Brantley’s quick response with return fire aided in pinning down the insurgents in the cave and during the fight, he was successful in pulling a soldier out of the line of fire and providing emergency combat medical care while engaging the enemy as the fight raged on.  During the ten hour fight, Senior Airman Brantley provided cover fire and medical support despite sustaining injuries himself.

Officer Kevin Wooten, Bossier City Law Enforcement
Bossier Chamber of Commerce 2015 Patriot Award Recipient
Officer Wooten is noted for exceptional ability and dedication to his job and the citizens of Bossier City.  He is committed to this community in more ways than one.  His quick action and sound judgement during life and death situations have been key to solving criminal investigations, and have been instrumental to the safety of his fellow officers.

Deputy Jackie Loveless, Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office
Bossier Chamber of Commerce 2015 Patriot Award Recipient
As a 21 year veteran of the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Jackie Loveless exemplifies what it means to be a servant leader.  His stellar career with Bossier Parish has included time in the Corrections Division, the Patrol Division and his current assignment as a School Resource Officer.  While helping to protect our children he is also someone they can look up to as they are dealing with a crucial time of growth in their lives.  His servant attitude extends into his personal life where he serves as an ordained minister.  He allows his genuine concern for others to permeate everything that he does, even when that has meant praying for a citizen during a routine traffic stop after learning of their recent family tragedy.

Chad Halsell, Fire Driver, Bossier City Fire Protection
Bossier Chamber of Commerce 2015 Patriot Award Recipient
For Fire Driver Chad Halsell, serving his community is his passion.  Halsell has been with the Bossier City fire department for more than 15 years.  During his time with the Department he has set the bar high for his peers by obtaining multiple important certifications and has been trained as a member of the meth lab response team.  His dedication to improving himself through continuous training has made an impact on the level of safety and response our citizens have come to expect and enjoy.

Colette Daley, Bossier Parish Emergency Communication
Bossier Chamber of Commerce 2015 Patriot Award Recipient
Communications Officer Colette Daley has spent the past 11 years serving our community in this capacity.  She regularly surpasses expectations.  Recently, Ms. Daley was able to send aid to a person with a medical emergency who called and could not speak.  Through her quick thinking she was able to pin point the location of the call and send emergency workers to help a citizen who was suffering from an active seizure.  As a result of her rapid response during a crisis situation, the caller received the needed medical attention and is expected to make a full recovery.

Chief Master Sergeant Kenneth Koval, Retired U.S. Air Force
Bossier Chamber of Commerce 2015 Patriot Award Recipient
Chief Master Sergeant Kenneth Koval retired from the United States Air Force after more than 27 years of service.  During this time he served at more than twelve stateside locations, at least seven overseas locations and deployed numerous times in support of many efforts including the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam Conflict.
At the culmination of his illustrious career, Chief Koval had logged more than six thousand hours of flying time, more than one thousand of those in combat and was credited with over two hundred combat missions over Vietnam.  The singularly distinctive accomplishments throughout the career of Chief Master Sergeant Kenneth Koval have certainly brought great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force!

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