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Bossier City Animal Control building to get facelift soon


The Bossier City Animal Control building will receive a much needed makeover starting next month.

Bossier City Animal Control plans to break ground on a renovation project February 17. 

Renovation plans include adding an adoption center, animal control offices and separating the adoption center from the animal control offices.

“We’re having to remodel what we have currently to accommodate those two facilities,” said Dale Keeler, superintendent of Herbicide, Mosquito and Animal Control.

The lobby area will also be expanded, in addition to providing more kennel space for small dogs and puppies.

“Everyone is excited for this to take place. It’s going to be tough, though, because we’re going to still be in the building while we’re doing renovation work. So, it will be tight quarters, but it’s going to be worth it,” said Keeler. 

The project is expected to take about seven months to complete once it gets underway.

At this time, the Bossier Animal Control Shelter facility has 100 cages to house animals, roughly 10 working employees, and countless volunteers who come in on a daily basis.

Keeler did note that while renovations are taking place, staff will be relying heavily on rescue groups, families to foster, and citizens to adopt the animals. 

“We’re going to have to rely a lot on our rescue partners and citizens to come foster or adopt the animals,” said Keeler

While renovations are taking place, citizens will be asked to go to the temporary office located at the Tinsley Park parking lot.

“We have a temporary office that we have set up in the Tinsley ball field parking lot. So, that’s where people are going to have to come first. Then we will take them around to the building where they can see the animals,” said Keeler.

Once renovations are completed, the new facility will have roughly an additional 2,200 square feet on the adoption side and 700 or 800 hundred additional square feet for office space.

“The focus is on making the whole experience of coming to the animal control center more pleasant, more welcoming. This is so we can potentially increase the adoption numbers and bring awareness of the importance of getting animals fixed and really focus on the good that we can do to keep those numbers down as much as possible,” said Bossier City Public Information Officer Traci Landry.

As previously reported by the Press-Tribune in October 2018, the City of Bossier City voted to use $60 million worth of bonds to make upgrades to city facilities.

Roughly $1.5 million of the funding went towards expanding the current Animal Control Shelter facility. 

The upgrades to the shelter won’t cost taxpayers any money due to a redirected sales tax that can now be used by the city for improvements.

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