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Bossier City Begins Implementation
of Backflow Prevention Program

Bossier City has begun implementing a program mandated by the Louisiana Department of Health related to certain plumbing devices attached to the Bossier City water system. In 2021, LDH notified Bossier City that it would be required to establish and enforce a Cross Connection Control Program which included notifying water customers whose homes or businesses were equipped with devices known as “backflow preventers”. Those limited customers would be required to have the equipment tested and certified each year. In response to this state mandate, Bossier City developed a plan outlining the policies and procedures used by the City to verify that customers are in compliance with mandatory containment practices. This plan was reviewed and approved by LDH and is available on the city’s website at: www.bossiercity.org/481/Cross-Contamination-Divisionhttp://www.bossiercity.org/481/Cross-Contamination-Division
In preparation for the implementation of the plan, surveys and notices were sent to Bossier City water customers in August 2022. The city has now begun to send additional notices, similar to the attached sample notice, to all customers in Council District 1 and a portion of customers in District 5. Similar notices will be issued quarterly by Council District to ensure compliance with the state mandate.

The purpose of the initiative is to protect the Bossier City water supply from the possibility of pollution and contamination by ensuring that backflow preventers are functioning properly. It is important to note that not all Bossier City water customers are subject to this program. In fact, the vast majority of Bossier City residents and businesses are not affected in any way by this state mandate. The only residential customers that may be subject to the program are those with swimming pools equipped with automatic fill valves or lawn irrigation systems. Businesses that may be subject to the program include those with lawn irrigation systems, fire protection systems, boilers, chillers, cooling towers, swimming pools with automatic fill valves, or certain medical equipment.

Water customers with backflow prevention devices are encouraged to review Bossier City’s plan, policies, and procedures. Additionally, customers who have received a recent notice can find information on their specific account at the following link: https://aquaresource.app/portal/55 Customers can find certified testers using this link and initiate the required testing.

The Bossier City water system recently earned a perfect 80 out of 80 points based on seven standards, including both federal and state water quality, operations and maintenance, and infrastructure and preventing contamination of the water system is a key part of maintaining that standard of excellence. Bossier City remains committed to providing safe, clean water to all of its citizens and appreciates the public’s assistance in implementing this important program.

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