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Bossier City budget includes health insurance cost increase, no pay increase


The City of Bossier City’s 2020 proposed budget includes an 8% increase in employee health insurance and no pay increases for employees.

Stacie Fernandez, Bossier City’s finance director, said the city switched health insurance carriers a few years back to Blue Cross Blue Shield. At that time they were willing to give the city the same rate it received in 2017.

But this year, the city is anticipating an increase.

“This year were anticipating an increase. But we don’t know what it is yet. They can’t calculate it. So, we’re estimating that it will be 8%,” said Fernandez.

She also said that while police and fire employees will receive a state-mandated 2% cost of living pay increase, other city employees will not receive an increase in pay. 

Fernandez explained that in April 2018, the city was able to grant all employees a 2% cost of living increase. 

The city’s proposed 2020 budget total revenue is roughly $220 million and total expenditures are $194 million. The difference of those funds are designated for capital projects.

Fernandez said the proposed 2020 budget is a balanced budget and it is relatively close to last years budget.

The general fund, which helps pay for police, fire, and other city functions, projects a revenue total of almost $59.5 million. The total general fund expenditure is $59.5 million. 

The Bossier City Council can adopt the budget at its Oct. 1st meeting.

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