Bossier City Council Approves Funds For Necessary Medical Supplies


At Tuesday’s Bossier City Council meeting, the council approved an ordinance appropriating $400,000 from the 2021 EMS Capital and Contingency Fund to purchase five stretchers and power loaders and other necessary medical supplies.

Before the council voted on this item, at large Bossier City Council member and President David Montgomery said, “Due to our fiscally conservative nature in managing our finances and the mayor and all of his efforts and the administration, the efforts of all the police, fire and all the other employees throughout the city, we are able to have these necessary funds set aside for capital items such as this to provide number one great healthcare and EMS services to the people of Bossier City.”

Following Montgomery’s remarks, Bossier City Fire Department Chief Brad Zagone addressed the council.

“There’s no doubt we provide the best EMS and the best supplies for the citizens and visitors of this city. This particular deal here is stretchers. Stretchers and power load systems is one the most commonly used pieces of equipment we use everyday,” Zagone said.

“So, to have the funds to be able to do this and not being stuck with failing equipment is pretty incredible,” he added.

The council also approved:

—Adoption of an Ordinance requiring the Risk Manager for the City of Bossier City to be under the supervision of the Finance Director.

—Adoption of an Ordinance appropriating funds from the 2021 Sales Tax Improvement Fund to purchase an Asphalt Patching Trailer.

—Adoption of a Resolution changing the name of “Dixie Overland Road” to “Silver Star Way”.