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Bossier City Council defeats open-container ordinance

The Bossier City Council voted 4-2 Tuesday to defeat a proposed city ordinance that would have allowed open containers in a designated area that included the new East Bank District, the Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets and Margaritaville Resort and Casino.

The vote was met with applause from those in the council chambers  who showed up in opposition to the proposal.

Jerry Dean, pastor of the Pentecostals of Bossier, was one of those who spoke out against the measure.

“Solomon said money answers all things,” he said. “I understand that, and it drives a lot of our decisions. As a pastor here in this city, I’m going to appeal to the council. Let’s not make a money decision today, and see if maybe God might favor us.”

David Alvis, owner of Silver Star Smokehouse supported the measure, specifically the potential benefit it would have for the Boardwalk.

“When I think about the Boardwalk, I think about it being one of the most beautiful places you’ve ever visited,” he said. “But the few times I go down there it’s like a ghost town. I know that the city has a great investment. I have a real interest in investing and doing what I do in the Boardwalk. There’s a great possibility we would be involved. But we have no interest whatsoever as it currently is, because there’s just not much going on down there.”

City Attorney Jimmy Hall said after the meeting that public opinion played a key role in the outcome.

“The ultimate deal is that when the public gets involved, sometimes it has an effect on the outcome,” he said.

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  1. Who wants a mini-New Orleans environment in what is an otherwise beautiful, clean, somewhat safe area ? If businesses rely on getting customers drunk simply so they think the food or service is good, then maybe the restaurants should up their game. ?? And, No – I am not saying anything negative about any establishment mentioned. I enjoyed Silver Star and Margaritaville. Have not tried the new district, but look forward to it!

    • They do rely on customers to drink… drinking doesn’t always equate to drunks. Yes Bourbon street makes New orleans notorious. But there are many other areas of New Orleans (Frenchman street) that are VERY nice and enjoyable. People being able to go from one store to another with a drink doesn’t mean it’ll turn into Bourbon street.

    • “They do rely on customers to drink”
      I will have a drink, at a restaurant, maybe 2. If I don’t have a DD, I stick to one, with dinner. But, I don’t indulge daily, unlike a lot of folks these days. Let’s pretend I DO have a drinking problem, and I buy a drink in one establishment, and carry it with me to the next establishment, then one of those Businesses is going to lose out. If, however, I buy a 2nd drink at that establishment, then leave with it… Well, That may constitute public intoxication, which is against state law. Being loud, lewd, unable to ambulate without assistance…
      I don’t want to waste precious police resources on policing one specific area for public intoxication. I’ve seen how much people drink while gambling. Do you want to cause the Businesses in that area to be subjected to people being loud, lewd, obstinate, destructive or worse? Great place to bring kids, right?? Especially at the Boardwalk. No teens roaming around there, right?
      No chance those teens will indulge whatever their older friends bring with them, right? Let’s keep it cleaner and safer.

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