Bossier City Fire Department first in Louisiana to adopt EleGARD™ Patient Positioning System


From the Bossier City Fire Department:

Bossier City Fire Department First in Louisiana
To Adopt EleGARD™ Patient Positioning System to
Potentially Improve Survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Every year, over 700,000 people in the US suffer a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), and the survival rates are dismal, with only 10.8 percent survival when SCA occurs outside of the hospital, and 24 percent when SCA occurs in hospital. The Bossier City Fire Department intends to change that statistic with the adoption of the EleGARD Patient Positioning System, a device from AdvancedCPR Solutions® that precisely and consistently positions patients into a multi-level elevation to support the practice of an innovative new technique for resuscitation – the ElevatedCPR™ method.

EleGARD™ Training at BCFDThe ElevatedCPR method is a technologically-advanced technique for performing device-assisted head up CPR that incorporates lifting the head, heart, and thorax in a multi-level elevation, in a timed sequence, in conjunction with best practice resuscitation protocols. Preclinical studies exploring the ElevatedCPR method as part of a bundle of care including high quality CPR and an impedance threshold device have shown a strong potential to improve resuscitation and survival from sudden cardiac arrest. 1 2 3

The Bossier City Fire Department was trained to use the EleGARD System in late June, and deployed six devices on Thursday, June 25, 2020. Each of the Bossier City Fire Department’s ambulances are equipped with a device and one device is carried by the EMS supervisor to be deployed as needed.

The City of Bossier City roughly covers 41 square miles and is home to more than 71,000 residents. The Bossier City Fire Department (BCFD) serves and protects the city with nine fire stations and 191 employees. Not only does the BCFD provide the traditional fire and EMS services, they also provide hazardous materials operations, high-angle and confined space rescue, water rescue, bomb squad, fire prevention, special operation services, public education programs, fire investigations, and annual fire inspections. The BCFD has a training academy, a communications division, and a fire maintenance division. The Bossier City Fire Department is fully equipped to handle any emergency the citizens of the city will face

Founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2015 by an experienced team that previously developed multiple novel resuscitation technologies currently in widespread clinical practice, AdvancedCPR Solutions is focused on the development and commercialization of delivery mechanisms, methods and devices to support the practice of the ElevatedCPR method and potentially improve survival of cardiac arrest. The company’s initial device, the EleGARD Patient Positioning System, precisely and consistently positions patients to support the practice of the ElevatedCPR method in the pre-hospital and hospital settings.4

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