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Bossier City man jailed for killing neighbor’s cat

A Bossier City man was sentenced to jail time after being found guilty of killing his neighbor’s cat.

Larry Negard
Larry Negard

Larry Negard, 68, 6008 Tracy Lane, Bossier City, Louisiana was found guilty of Simple Cruelty to Animals in the death of Oreo, one of his neighbor’s beloved cats. Randy and Patsy Hamilton, have had nine cats disappear during the past few years but until their home security cameras captured Larry Negard running into their backyard and retrieving Oreo’s body, they never would have suspected him of killing their pets.

The video footage shows Oreo walking in the rear of the Hamilton’s fenced yard. The cat then walks behind a tree and is never seen again.  Moments later, Negard is seen climbing the fence and running into the Hamilton’s yard holding an empty garbage bag. He then reaches down and puts something heavy into the bag and runs back out of the yard.

Negard reappears reaching over his six foot privacy fence with a hose and begins spraying water into Hamilton’s yard in the area where he was seen moments earlier. Officers with the Bossier Police Department would find a pool of blood and tissue in the same area of the yard.

Judge E. Charles Jacobs, who presided over the trial, found that this was clearly an attempt by Negard to conceal the evidence of his crime.

“It is terrible that someone would kill our cat” Randy Hamilton said.

Negard, who represented himself at trial, never denied that he was shown on the video running into his neighbor’s yard but claimed that he had entered the yard to retrieve one of his own dogs. However, his dog is never seen in the video.

Detective Jeff Humphrey with the Bossier Police Department testified at trial and explained that during the course of the investigation Negard’s story changed several times and that he did not have a reasonable explanation for why he had run into his neighbor’s yard or why he is seen putting something into a garbage bag.

Assistant District Attorney Richard Ray who prosecuted the case explained that Negard was offered several opportunities to plead guilty and pay a fine and court costs.

“He was offered probation and no jail time but he repeatedly refused and insisted on going to trial. With the video evidence we knew we had a strong case against him,” Ray said. “In the last few years, the Hamiltons have had other cats die from gunshots or from being beaten. We were pleased the court found Mr. Negard guilty as charged”.

At the conclusion of the trial, Judge Jacobs sentenced Negard to six months in the parish jail with all but ten days suspended. He was immediately taken into custody and transported to the parish jail to begin serving his sentence.

In addition on to the jail time, the defendant was also ordered to pay a five hundred dollar fine plus court costs as well as five hundred dollars in restitution to the cat’s owners.

“We are so thankful that the Bossier Police Department and the District Attorney’s office took this matter seriously” said Hamilton. “We just hope this will never happen to anyone else’s pet”.

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  1. so he gets 10 days in jail. pays a slap on the wrist fines. He tresspassed. He lied in court. He killed a pet. He tampered with evidence. And apparently this isnt the first time with these neighbors. Lord only knows what else during his lifetime what else he has killed. Is he a widower? People that kill pets or animals out of pure meanness have the mentality of a murderer. I think the police dept should widen their search into this mans past.

  2. Hope these people stop having outside cats too, they’ll still be living next to this cat killer. I started keeping my Ben cat in just because I didn’t like the looks of my new neighbors. Sheesh, poor cats.

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