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Bossier City Police Chief Exam Scores Approved


The Bossier City Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service Board met today, April 8, 2022, and
approved the exam scores for the Police Chief. Five candidates took the test and their names and
scores are as follows:

Sergeant Jeremy Kennedy (current BCPD): 89
Sergeant Michael Jones (Shreveport PD): 88
Sergeant Charles Bridges (current BCPD): 85
Sergeant Daniel Haugen (current BCPD): 85
Sergeant Christopher Estess (current BCPD): 84

Mayor Tommy Chandler interviewed each candidate prior to the test and will conduct follow-up
interviews with all candidates in the coming weeks. Sergeant Christopher Estess is currently
serving as Provisional Chief until a permanent Chief is appointed by Mayor Chandler. Regarding
the test scores and pending appointment, Mayor Chandler stated, “I have already met with the
candidates prior to the test and look forward to a second interview with each applicant. Public
safety is a top priority and the Bossier City Police Department has long been known for its
outstanding record of providing safety and security to the citizens.” State law mandates a new
Chief must be named within 60 days of the approval of test scores by the Civil Service Board;
however, Mayor Chandler has not set a date for naming the permanent Chief of Police.

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