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Bossier City Police Officers Issued Life Saving Medical Supplies

Officer Antonio Mims & Officer Kiaria Harris

Bossier City Police officers are ready to respond with immediate life saving measures. Since 2018, officers have received training on how to properly apply tourniquets on citizens, other officers, and themselves in the event they become critically injured.

One evening in June of 2019, a police sergeant was the first to arrive on the scene of a shooting. He found a man who was bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound to the arm. The sergeant took a tourniquet from his rig belt and used it to stop the bleeding. The victim was transported to the hospital and has since recovered. If not for the sergeant’s quick thinking and readily accessible tourniquet, it is likely the victim would not have survived.

Today, the training division is working to build on that knowledge. Police officers are being issued additional tourniquets, chest seals, and blood clotting agents. Officers may use the critical wound care supplies to stop uncontrolled bleeding caused by vehicle collisions, gun shots, or other events.

Bossier City Police Chief Shane McWilliams says, “Officers are often first on scene and can use these tools to stop the bleeding, buying more time to get the injured to a hospital.”

The new life-saving medical supplies were purchased using funds from the Bossier City Police Department’s capital budget.

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